I’m on a mission to help women who are done checking off all the boxes start living fearlessly.

Meet Alisha

In 2018 I left my job as a Superintendent of three years and before that I’d spent 12 years in elected office as a Georgia State Representative. I had amassed a number of awards and plaques on the wall. I had checked all of the boxes: two degrees, a husband, a beautiful daughter. But wasn’t landing the jobs I was applying for and something felt wrong.

I began doing some self reflection and soul searching and realized I was being called to do something else. I was going through a SHIFT. I realized for the first time that so much of my adult life was about doing. I had the titles and the awards. While that was great for other people, it wasn’t enough for me. I decided that I wanted to stop doing and start being. So in that journey to be, I discovered the real and authentic me. I realized that I no longer had to be the public “Alisha Thomas Searcy” and the private “Lili”. I needed to show up as my whole self. The woman that could debate education, politics and womens issues, AND show you that I love dancing and could even show the pictures of my dance recital. That I could BE me.

Too many women are afraid to look at themselves in the mirror and say, this isn’t the life I want. I want to give you permission to say this is who I am, and this is what I want, and be willing to change those things if they aren’t aligned with who you truly are. I want you to stop being afraid of being you. Rather than hiding behind your accolades and titles, I want you to say to yourself and to the world, I am no longer afraid of saying what I want and doing something about it. We are afraid of what people will say, what they will think. Will I get enough likes on Facebook or Instagram? Will I get the reaction that I want. What if you weren’t afraid to simply be?

“I want other women to be able to show up as their whole selves. To stop believing that now that all of the boxes are checked, they’ve reached their destination.”



Alisha Speaks

Alisha’s stories of overcoming obstacles and celebrating triumphs inspire women to face their fears and choose to do things in their lives that are in alignment with their authentic selves. Alisha helps take women from simply doing to truly being. She helps women who are done checking boxes to discover a life more fulfilling to teaching young women how to reject the rules society teaches.